When you have a document notarized with us, it is a certification that you are who you claim to be. No matter if it is a real estate agreement or a permission letter to let your minors travel, hit to B.I.N.’s and rest assured that no one can forge your identity, without having to go to a notary public.
Utilizing our experience and expertise, our agents witness you signing the following legal documents:

  • Estate Planning – Power of Attorney/Wills/Trusts document notarization
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement/Divorce/Settlement Agreement document notarization
  • Apostille document notarization
  • Notarization of consent Letter for Minors to Travel Internationally
  • Notarization of the certificate of Destruction
  • Ambulance Driver Permit notarization

Allow Blessed Ink Notary to be a blessing to your documents.
​​Our mobile notary services are available to you whether you’re in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin or any other location in Texas. B.I.N.’s mobile notary services are based in Texas and are designed to provide you peace of mind knowing that your document is valid and secure to process.
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